YLT may not be strong in number but we have made significant differences in the lives of Houston's youth over the years because of members like you, both new and future. All of that has shaped Youth Leadership Texas into who we are today. Joining us will help make an impact on the lives of your community's youth for years to come.
Since YLT doesn't rely on funding from companies or other foundations, our work and community outreach is made possible by Individual donations, membership dues and the many volunteer hours. It is only as a community can we help support our youth who are underprivileged or at-risk by showing them that not only do adults care about their well-being, but their peers also care about them.
There is a $15 application fee for each student and a $15 club shirt fee per person. Our next meeting of the year is tentatively scheduled for the 1st of September. Most meetings will be held on Saturdays. Most events will be held on Saturdays or Sundays. We look forward to having you as a part of our organization and as part of our success this year!




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